My Healthcare Story was born out of an unmet need identified by University of Massachusetts Amherst senior, Kate Pecora. After realizing that the theoretical outcomes of policies taught in public health classrooms were not the reality for patients across the country, I became concerned that the voice of the patient was being pushed to the outskirts of the healthcare discussion. While there was a wealth of data across the epidemiological spectrum, very little had been documented from the individual experience of one person’s struggle to navigate this system. I have long held the belief that to find true solutions to problems on a macro scale, we must grapple with reality on an individual level, identifying what can be done to first make one life better.

After completing my studies in Healthcare Policy and Political Science, I saw an opening to be bold when preparing my Honors thesis, proposing a 9-month long tour around the country, identifying the greatest areas of failure and opportunity of healthcare policy. Thus, My Healthcare Story was born, inviting individuals to share their struggles and ideas for a healthier tomorrow.